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Did you know?

Massage acts on the tight achy muscle; it helps relax tension and spasm and promotes the release of lactic acid from the tissue.

Different Types of Massage Techniques

Massage is the perfect therapy for both relaxation and therapeutic purposes. Like most therapies, there are many different techniques that can be employed to achieve any number of objectives. Swedish massage is the most performed massage in the world. It consists of different pressures applied to the body to ease muscle pain, relieve tension, improve circulation and put someone into a relaxed state at the same time. Sports massage is based on Swedish massage, but with a different intention in mind. It's not used for relaxation, but for either loosening up muscles before competition or relieving muscle pain afterwards. Shiatsu is a much different type of massage, yet still has the same intentions as other types of massage. With shiatsu, finger pressure is used, following the same traditions as acupuncture, in specific areas of the body. Thai massage has been linked to yoga in a way, because it's more of a series of stretching and pulling therapies...
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What are the benefits of receiving massage?

There are no doubts that many people love getting a good massage. It's the perfect way to take time out for yourself, relieving the stress of a day and allowing your mind to feel free for at least a little while so you can concentrate better once you've started feeling better. Massage makes people breathe easier, freer, but also deeper, which means more oxygen is brought into the body through the blood stream. It gives people peace of mind and helps them to focus better...
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